Real Sector Maps – Online Atlas – for Star Trek

This page contains links to all the “Real Life Sector Maps” Posts.  (As of 2/28/15 this project as it stands is no longer being updated)

Overview Map (based off Suritaca’s Map) The Big Overview Map (All Sectors, even those without published detail sector) — EDIT: ALL SECTORS ARE AVAILABLE IN DETAIL MAP FORM WITHOUT EXPLANATORY TEXT, a total of 120 Sectors :

Sectors A-J

Sectors K-Z

Gazetteer – want to know where a star system, star base, or outpost is? Look here for alphabetical list of such things with links to the sectors they appear in (for published sectors only.)

Map Legend/Key – with discussion of map scale, star colors, star name colors/font, overall map orientation, z-axis considerations.

(Please note that Sector Abbreviations on some of the Voyage Maps and possibly some of the Sector names on the Overview Map where no stars are assigned to that sector yet…may change depending on continued research through the TNG seasons — published sectors  I am reasonably confident in.)

Sector Maps:

Alpha Quadrant Sectors:

Antares Sector

Betazed Sector

Denobula Sector

Draylax Sector

Formalhaut Sector

Kalandra Sector

Stameris Sector

Tellar Sector

Zeta Reticuli Sector

Beta Quadrant Sectors:

Argelius Sector

Bolarus Sector

Celes Sector

Devron Sector

Kassae Sector

Orion Sector

Risa Sector

Sierra Sector

Teneebia Sector

Vulcan Sector

Xarantine Sector

*ALL* Alpha/Beta Quadrant Sectors, just maps no explanatory text (refer to Overall Map to locate):

Sectors A-J

Sectors K-Z

Series “Voyage” Maps and Related Posts:

Voyages during The Original Series (TOS) and The Animated Series (TAS)

Voyages of the NX-01 Enterprise during the (ENT) series


Warp Factors and Beyond :

A Warp Perspective, or a Perspective on Trek Warp Factors and the RL Sector Maps

Local Area Transwarp Conduit Map / Nature of Transwarp and Beyond



Thoughts on the Ferasan Diaspora



Change Log:  Change Log 

Number of RL Stars in the database:

Current (11/20/13)  Stars2 stellar object count: 11,592

Previous (11/16/13)  Stars2 stellar object count: 9,519

Previous (11/14/13)  Stars2 stellar object count: 7,401

This research has made use of the SIMBAD database,
operated at CDS, Strasbourg, France


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