STO RL Sector Maps : (Beta) Antares Sector


Map Key

The Antares (or Beta Antares) Sector is rife with red dwarf stars.  It’s namesake star is known as Beta Antares, along the same lines as Beta Rigel in Orion Sector, an alternative star to the actual, traditional, named star of Antares.  Beta Antares IV is the location of an important Federation Shipyard. Beta Antares is often referred to more simply as Antares, as is the sector.

Skorr is the homeworld of the like-named space faring species, Skorr.

Thasus is the homeworld of the Thasians, a human named Charlie Evans was marooned on this world in 2249. However, in order to save the young boys life the Thasians had to imbue him with certain of their powers, and asides from a single incident in 2266, the human has continued to (as far as anyone knows) live on Thasus. (TOS Episode “Charlie X“)

Delphi Ardu is the location of an ancient T’Kon empire outpost, where the first known contact between forces of the Ferengi Alliance and Federation occurred. (The two races had incidental contact long before this time.) (TNG, “The Last Outpost“)

Amerind is a world where a number of North American Indigenous peoples were relocated thousands of years previously by aliens. (TOS: “The Paradise Syndrome“)

Beta Magellan is a star near the Bynaus (or Bynar) system which went supernova in 2364.

Bynaus is the homeworld of the Bynars.

Tarsus (Tarsas) is the location of Starbase 74, around the third world, and the fourth planet was the location of an Earth colony.

Tarus, Murasaki Cluster are discussed in Stameris Sector.


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