STO RL Sector Map: Stameris Sector


Map Key

Sometimes known as the Argosian Sector.

Two prominent astrophysical features are found in the Stameris sector: The Barrens (which are discussed in the Bolarus Sector) and the Murasaki Cluster (or Murasaki 312.) It straddles four sectors of space, but is mostly within the Stameris Sector.

The Tarus (or Taurus) system is located within the Murasaki 312 Cluster and is home to some very large anthropoids (TOS episode “Galileo Seven.”)

Berengaria is famous for its dragon-like flying reptiles.

Stameris was the site of a quadrant-wide famous slave market in the 2100’s, however it is unclear if this continues now.

Sarpeidon was victim to its star (Beta Niobe) going supernova in 2269 (TOS: “All Our Yesterdays“) and occupied the same space as the parallel antimatter universe star, Amphion. (TAS: “The Counter-Clock Incident.”)

Inferna, or Inferna Prime, was the location of a Federation Quadrant Court, where such things as Federation Grand Juries would be convened. (DS9: “The Ascent“)

Lactra, homeworld of the Lactran species and is famous for having several different terraformed habitable zones to accommodate life from across the galaxy as a sort of giant zoo (TAS: “The Eye of the Beholder.”)

Argo is home to the Aquans, (TAS episode, “The Ambergris Element.”)

Omega IV is home to two factions, the Yangs and the Kohms. At some point  in the late 2090s through the use of a vicious bacteriological weapon, the Kohms had won their war against the Yangs and occupied their territory.  In the 2140s, the ECS Philadelphia visited this system and chose to interfere by introducing various paraphernalia to inspire the Yang resistance to continue fighting the Kohm oppression, and presumably the Philadelphia was lost shortly thereafter due to exposure to the still present bacteriological agent. In 2268 the USS Exeter, a starship, visited Omega IV…the crew was again exposed to the virus and was killed. (TOS: “The Omega Glory“)

Gideon is the homeworld of a warp-capable species, the Gideons. But up until the late 2200’s the world was closed to most non-Gideons. In truth the world had been a paradise, free of disease and a population death rate that was virtually nil which caused an overpopulation problem which spiraled out of all control. The Gideon Council chose to introduce Vegan Choriomeningitis into the population in 2268 to cure the massive overpopulation of the planet. (TOS: “The Mark of Gideon“)

Robinson Dark Matter Nebula was the scene of events in ENT episode “First Flight.”

Zetar, former homeworld of the Zetarians. A cataclysm struck their world, destroying all corporeal life…some of the Zetarians survived as non-corporeal energy (in a process that is unclear, perhaps related to the cataclysm) as related in the TOS episode “The Lights of Zetar.”

Ilyra is discussed in Tellar Sector.


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